iFever Baby Thermomonitor - 3 to 48 months

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iFever Smart Thermometer, Makes Life Easier

iFever Thermometer for babies (3-48 months) makes parents’ and medical professionals life easier by displaying temperature constantly and remotely. Baby's fever causes stress and worry to parents and medical professionals; especially the fear of it reaching 40 degrees Celsius or above. Its "high-temperature-alarm" gives timely warning to caretakers; allowing them to relax their vigil, a bit.

It connects to an "iFever App" to display temperate on smartphones or other devices. The Device and App together make a smart "thermo-monitor-system" that checks and stores the body temperature continuously. It is a beneficial tool for fever management and is a must have for any household and hospital. It has a high accuracy sensor, compared to a standard thermometer: the precision of the device is up to ±0.1degrees Celsius/ Fahrenheit. Cloud transfer of data allows immediate, real time and continuos availabiliy of data anywhere. Data can be sent to the doctor online for timely and accurate diagnosis. The record of the temperature on the iFever App can be seen as a graphical chart. This record enables the doctor to get a comprehensive grasp of the situation and to give correct diagnosis.

Every detail on the device is carefully designed and made and it is very comfortable to wear. The soft elasticband used is baby skin friendly - Breathable Japanese Medical Fabric. It does not retain or trap moisture or heat and does not cause skin allergies (hypoallergenic). the iFever Smart Thermometer is FCC/CE/RoHS approved.

The iFever App can be downloaded on your smartphone (iOS and Android). The App can be downloaded on multiple devices to allow access for example to both parents and doctors.